2013 Honda Fit EV – Review

It is imperative for a new car purchaser to understand what exactly lies for him in the market.  With an uncertain and harsh economy the rules of buying a car have changed- one has to be extremely careful.

Advantages of Honda Fit Ev

With rising prices, it is delightful to see, companies like Honda, to come forward with models like Honda Fit EV, and not only that, they even, offer free collision insurance, roadside assistance navigation system updates and even routine maintenance. These offers are just too good to be true; however Honda is willing to provide its customers with that.
The Honda Fit EV is a five-door hatchback, subcompact car manufactured by Honda and it was first introduced in June 2001 and now is in its second generation.


Fuel Idea

Honda released the hybrid gasoline, which were electric versions of the Fit the in Japan in October 2010 and in Europe in early 2011. The Honda Fit EV is a limited production which was released in the States in July 2012. “Fit” was first as a smart level package by Honda. The initial idea of it was for it to be, a trim of the Honda 1986.

Another one of bonuses that Honda Fit EV comes with is the three hour charging, whilst using a source of only 240 volt. Besides charging the Fit EV will be cost efficient in the sense that will cost extremely less than filling a car with gasoline. Honda and other officials have estimated a savings of about $4,000 in around three years.

Honda Fit EV – Better then others

It is natural that you would want to compare it to other electric cars in the market like, the Ford Focus Electric, Nissan Leaf and you should know that Fit EV has quite the upper hand as compared to all these models, not only that it is also fun to drive. Fit EV comes with its own personality and the fact that it has so many varieties of driving models, aids the driver to hit the most of the power train’s acceleration potential however that tends to put a lot of drain on the battery.

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