2014 BMW 320i – Review

BMW-320iTo go by the announcement made, early this January, BMW looks all set with its latest spree of manufacturing. In the course of the auto exhibition held in Detroit, announcement was made regarding its latest plan of action. As per the latest plan of action, the manufacturing of luxurious sedan 320i is well on the cards, and by the end of this spring, the production process is supposed to get underway. The entry-level sedan of sleek luxury will dwell on the recently relevant requisites of fuel economizing techniques. Though confirmation is awaited, it is expected that 320i will offer better deals of fuel economy than that offered by 328i.


  • You can expect the sports sedan to flaunt the top class benchmarks of the mentioned genre. The bodywork shows perfect balance and compact designing- the streaks that one would normally expect in classy versions of sports sedan.
  • It is a package meant for the sporting circuit, and hence it includes lightweight wheels of alloy make.
  • Sedan with its aura of majesty facilitates rear as well as all wheel drive. In its external styling and internal designing, the vehicle reflects the brand’s insistence on performance dynamics.


Engine performance and specification

  • The turbo charged engine of four cylinders is expected to generate horsepower to the measure of 180.
  • The automatic transmission of 8 speed is remarkably flexible, but for maximizing your experience in driving you can also change over to the manually driven transmission scheme of six speed.
  • While revolution per minute at the mentioned horsepower of 180 totals to 5,000; the torque measurement is 200lb.

Top speed in seconds-0-60 mph of acceleration in just 7.1 seconds

Some of the other features and specifications

As expected; the areas of riding comfort, fuel efficiency, power delivery and excellence in efficiency have been insisted upon. In view of these, specifications and designing have been detailed out accordingly.

  • Provision for automated starting and stopping
  • Brand specific system of navigation
  • Provision for controlling speed
  • Front as well as rear side seats are equipped with the feature of heating
  • Steering wheel also has the provision for heating
  • Seats conform to the standardized parameters of the sporting circuit
  • Camera on the hind side, adaptive headlights of xenon, BMW based assist Telematics, tough and sturdy tires meant for different seasons and the presence of an anthracite headliner also includes the bracket of specifications.
  • The car offers several packages including premium package and that meant for countering the beating chills of winter. Specialized packages gearing to the needs and assistance of drivers, and that relevant to the needs of lighting are also there to come by. As per your needs and flair, you can opt for these optional features and specifications.
  • As far as internal styling is concerned, you can expect standardized upholstery of leather make. Upholstery of Dakota leather also includes the platter of options.
  • The sedan comes with certain amazing facilities. Braking mechanism of regeneration and requirement based mechanism of air conditioning includes the said bracket of facilities.

Points of Advantages

  • Top class speed, performance, mileage and economy
  • Availability of transmissions of two different types
  • Gasoline engine ensures you of an eco-friendly ride of excellent economy.
  • Turbo charging facility with the feature of twin scroll adds to the quotient of power and economy
  • You can expect in it agility and topnotch bills of comfort
  • Presence of specialized packages and system of infotainment includes the bracket of advantages

Improvisations and changes

  • With the introduction of 2014 BMW 320i, the brand goes back to lightweight engine of 2.0 liters
  • The use and application of turbo based technology also counts amongst the point of innovation
  • The core engine includes plenty of features of innovations. One such feature relates to the inclusion of twin balancer for optimizing the absorption of vibration.


By the end of spring this year, the vehicles are supposed to go into sale


  • The price of RWD is supposed to start from 33, 445 US Dollars
  • The price of AWD is supposed to start from 35, 445 US Dollars

Safety specifications follow the standardized set of parameters.

Verdict of the auto market seems to be quite upbeat. Considering the options for fuel efficiency, different offers of packages and excellent driving conditions, the market is gripped with a sense of optimism.

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