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  • Driver

    Killer Ways to Save Yourself Money as a Driver

    March 31, 2015 • Auto Guides • Views: 916

    These days it’s important to try to save money wherever you can in your life. One of the biggest expenses you probably have in your life is your car. So you need to come up with ways to reduce the expenditure caused by your car. This seems like it’s

  • Car-Owner

    Vital Things You Need to Think About as a Car Owner

    March 31, 2015 • Auto Guides • Views: 951

    Cars are a vital part of our daily lives, and they’re important to the nation’s economy. Because so many of us use cars for work, it means a lot of businesses hinge on cars. So their more important on a national basis than you might think. But

  • Ford Fiesta ST

    6 Amazing Hot Hatchbacks You Can Afford

    March 6, 2015 • Top Picks • Views: 1509

    Hot Hatchbacks are hands down our favourite type of car. Forget Ferraris and Lamborghinis for a second, they’re far too expensive and impractical. If we had to choose a new car right now, it would be one of these little beauties. They are built to fly like

  • Volkswagen Golf

    The Best Small Cars You Can Buy In 2015

    March 4, 2015 • Auto Guides, Top Picks • Views: 1300

    The small car market is a hotly contested area for auto sales. These are the ones that are made for city driving. They’re practical, nippy and a little bit fun. There’s a fine balance to be struck when it comes to small cars. Customers demand safety, yet