2016 BMW i8 Review and Price


Manufactured using a blend of carbon fiber and aluminum and packed with an engine that can perform equally good in all weather condition are the asset of new BMW i8. The car is a symbol f excellence from the flagship, though is ain’t a first hybrid car yet it is a car that can outshine several competitors that lie in the same range. BMW i8 is blessed with refined chassis and sharp steering that makes it a loveable car to drive. However, the eco-friendly tires cause some hindrance yet as a whole BMW has launched a car that comes straight from sci-fi world.


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The car is specifically designed for driving in cities that has a burst of traffic and often had to face road blocks. In such a scenario BMW i8 serves the purpose well. While you are stuck in a traffic it shifts to a low power electric car thus saving the fuel consumption and while driving on the countryside or highway you can easily switch the calm vehicle into a gas burning supercar.


You have the option to switch the driving modes in either a 125 hp electric motor or 375 hp gasoline engine. While you are using the car in EV mode you can experience a noise free drive and perfect throttle response. Soon you want more acceleration or choose pre-defined sports mode gas engine plays its part making the quite car a speedster. The car is loaded with six-speed automatic transmission.



BMW provides a class to its customers and a pleasure of drive that no other manufacturer can offer. It is the reason that the cars manufactured in the arena are too costly. The new release BMW i8 will cost you around 141,695 dollars. Yet the car is worth spending that much money.


BMW i8 will be the most economical hybrid car. Its fuel consumption is still not confirmed yet it is assumed to be an eco-friendly and energy efficient vehicle.

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