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6 Best Christmas Gift Gadgets for Drivers

Before the sunrise of the day of Christmas, everyone is searching for unique and attractive gifts ideas for friends and family to make the special occasion a bit more fun and memorable. It becomes very confusing to choose a gift for a person who have everything of their need and choice. Well,  don’t be confused, because still there are some very useful options available that you can choose for your loved one’s. Here we will share some best gifts for those who love cars and have their personal cars. You can simply buy useful gadgets for them and they will definitely appreciate you. There is no need to have a huge budget for such gifts as there are lots of very affordable options available in useful gadgets for drivers.

Following are top 6 Christmas gift gadgets for drivers within  the range of £200:

1)  The Garmin HUD (£30 and up)

The Garmin HUD

It is the first head up device offering navigation and is offered to install in any car. After installation of this device in a car, the driver would be able to get information like current speed, distance to the next turn and your estimated arrival time to your destination. All these information will be displayed on the lower part of the windscreen and is working at night and daytime. It works on any android, windows and iOS phones. The driver just has to glaze up to read the information displayed on the windscreen.

2)  Personal Breathalyser (£34.99)

One of the major causes of road accidents is driving while the driver had drunk a lot. Well, it’s time to enjoy Christmas parties and new year parties and of course you will have to enjoy drinks with your friends and on the next day you will be over the drink drive limit though, you feel well. The Personal Breathalyser will tell you whether you are able to drive or you should need to stay on your bed. This is a pocket size device by AlcoSense and is very easy to use. This is something making you safe from accidents and crashes.

3)  Magellan SmartGPS (£158)

This is a portable and user friendly navigation device that is the part of an advanced system allows drivers to use numerous navigations ways such as searching for a destination and to manage the driver’s favorite places. The device is capable to measure 6.75 inches from one corner to another and its diagonal screen size is 5 inches only. This feature enabled drivers not to buy expensive navigation systems from some well known brands like Lexus and BMW.

4)  Intrete Automatica (£ 63)

Driving without music, especially for young drivers and music lovers is impossible and boring. The fun of driving a car doubles with quality music. Adding audio music to your car’s track list is not difficult because one can simply plug-in Smartphone to play music. However, it is not convenient for everyone any time and so one needs to have another source of storage. Interest Automatica is a USB flash drive comes with 4GB storage and can be syncs via WiFi to the Internet and allows driver to download music files from, DropBox or Skydrive account.

5)  Speed Camera Warning System (£ 100)

Cameras are these days common on vehicles of almost all brands but are only offered on later models and so people with older models can’t enjoy the benefits of a camera. Don’t be dishearted because one such cool gift is Speed Camera Warning system that keep the driver informed about the speed and will save their lives as well as licenses. The camera alerts the driver when the speed increases from the predetermined limit.

6)  Avoid Petrol Diesel Mistakes with Rightfuel (£30)

The key unit of a car is its engine and a car runs healthy if it has a strong and healthy engine but unfortunately, the selection of a wrong fuel could harm this key unit and leads to a number of issues connected with costs. Caparo offered a very simple and affordable device for drivers named Rightfuel that helps drivers to stop wrecking their engines and save money for some other good reasons. With the help of this device, a driver can even increase the life of their car by increasing the life of the engine.

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