Keep On Repairing

Another Repair? Maybe It’s Time To Get Something New?: The Advantages To Both

If your car has just broken down again, then these questions are likely to be going through your mind. You reach a certain point where you’re not sure if continually fixing your car is really worth it in the long run. After all, when your car is parked in a heap at your local garage, the possibility of getting something new becomes much more attractive. We’re here to dispel the myths and the facts about whether you should stick by what you’ve got, or to ditch it for something new. Check it out.

Keep On Repairing:

Consider Your Mileage:

  • If you car still has a low mileage, then it could still be sold for loads down the line. It may make more financial sense to hold out and pay for the repair. Your car is much more of an asset when being part exchanged or sold on if it is in working order, after all. A big bill on a repair might seem like a lot to splash out now, but if you can see the potential in your vehicle, then you’ll know that this only makes sense. This is just one of many things you need to think about as a car owner.

You Can Maintain Your Connection With Your Current Car:

  • If you’re like us, then you’re bound to have an emotional connection to your motor. It’s natural, we all have it. Here’s why. Your car goes everywhere with you and has experienced so much in its rather short life. Therefore, do you really want to give all that up already, merely to avoid a simple repair job? It makes sense to stick with the car you’ve already got, surely? You already know how to drive it, care for it and get the best out of it. You may have already customised it, like a lot of us do. If so, all of that hard work will have gone to waste if you just scrap it for something else. Think twice before you make your big decision – you won’t want to be filled with regret, that’s for sure!

Less Hassle:

  • There’s so much less hassle when it comes to just repairing the car you already have. Buying something new is always a right headache. If you’re desperate to avoid the annoying pestering of car salesmen, then just pay up and have your current motor mended!

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Get Something New:

The Choice Is Yours:

  • On the other hand, should you choose to get something new, then you’re opening up your options massively. The choice is officially yours! New or used? You’ll only have to head down to a local dealership such as Sandles Car Supermarket to see what we mean! It can definitely be a bit more exciting to go along and pick out a new car. So, if you’re a bit tired of the vehicle that you’ve already got, then has there really ever been a better excuse to switch? Why not, ey?

No More Repairs (Hopefully!):

  • Furthermore, it’s going to be far more reliable to have a newer motor. In theory, the number of accidents or repairs that you are involved in is sure to plummet. Less or no repairs will hopefully mean that you won’t be without a car at any point. That’s always a sad note when your car keeps having to go into the garage. Nobody loves public transport. So, do yourself a favour and sell up in favour of getting something new!

Do It While You Still Have Something To Part Exchange:

  • You may as well cash in on your banger before it dies fully. Cars are worth a lot more money when they still have the potential to work, rather than when they are considered just a big lump of useless metal. If you don’t want to drive your car into the ground (if you’ll excuse the pun), then be sure not to settle for scraps and get rid of it, today. If it’s still worth something, that’s a massive amount that you’re going to be able to put towards cruising around in something new. Get it valued today. If your budget is tight, surely this is the way to go. Besides, if you’re getting another used car, they really aren’t that expensive anymore. A repair might be just as much as a new whip!

Ultimately, this guide has hopefully weighed up the pros and cons of getting a new car as opposed to repairing your current one. Whichever way you chose to go, there is sense behind both of these methods. One may prove better for you and your situation, and if so, good luck to you.


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