BMW Adds Competition Package to Enhance Performance of M Series Vehicles

While there are car buyers that focus on fuel economy of the vehicle there is a great demand for high performance cars in the international market. Hence, many car makers like BMW are now trying to bring the race track technology to the roads for car buyers that need ultimate performance from their cars. BMW has now made an announcement that they are introducing the new Competition Package as an option for four high performance sports cars which will be BMW M5, BMW M6 Coupe, BMW M6 Convertible and BMW M6 Gran Coupe.


BMW said that all the four cars are very different from each other but they all share one thing common in them and that is they offer high performance driving experience. The automaker said that the new Competition Package will improve the performance of all four M style BMW vehicles.

Boost Performance – The new Competition Package is definitely going to boost the performance of all four cars from 11kW to 423kW which is around 575 horsepower. The automaker said that all the four cars have V8 high revving engine that can have extensive modifications. The car maker said that with the new Competition Package the engines will be able to deliver more power and torque and that will boost the overall output of the vehicle.

Improved Traction – BMW also claims that with the Active M Differential on the final drive the new Competition Package will make a huge difference and improve the overall traction of all the four cars. The automaker said that the modified set up for the suspension, damping and stabilizer bars will change the way the car behaves. The new hydraulic rack and pinion steering with the M-specific Servotronic function will make all the four vehicles agile and aggressive.

Better Handling – BMW is also going to make some changes to the chassis control systems and suspension profile which will make the handling even better. In the Competition Package the M Dynamic mode of the DSC has been geared in a better way to handle sporty characteristics of the vehicle. The cars will also have 20 inch light alloy wheels with sport exhaust system that features M twin tailpipes. The new Competition Package will also make an impact on the overall appearance of the four M Series cars.

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Published on: May 22, 2013

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  1. car service says:

    Looking forwrad to see M5 and M6 models with Competition Package- they are expetec to reach 0-62mph. The most powerful production cars BMW has ever made!

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