What You Need To Know About Car Dealerships And How They Operate

Most car buyers interact with a dealership when they want to buy a new motor. There are other options, but a dealership is the best one. Still, that doesn’t mean that it is easy to negotiate a decent deal. In truth, it is hard because both parties are attempting to get the best deal. There is nothing wrong with that – it is just the way of the industry. Because you want the best deal, you need to understand how dealerships work. When you know how they operate, you can negate their sales tactics. Below are a couple of tips that should come in handy.

They Will Call You

If you show an interest in a new car, the automotive BDC feature of the dealership will call you to follow up on your interest. It is standard procedure, and it is a good tactic because it catches people off guard. Although it seems innocent, they are gleaning information from you that will come in handy in the future. Should you go into the dealership, the reps will know what you want and don’t want from a car. When it comes to the negotiation, they will have an advantage. If they call, try and keep your answer short and sweet. The less you tell them, the better.

They Will Try And Upsell

They will want to sell you a more expensive car as soon as you walk through the door. In all fairness, it isn’t a huge surprise because they will make more money from upselling. From your point of view, it isn’t something that you want to entertain. So, you have to analyze what they are offering and whether it will be of any benefit. If they try selling you a bigger car, ask ‘do I need a bigger model?’ Okay, the trunk space is nice, but it is a lot of money for more space. Dealerships try and tempt you into an impulse buy, which why you need to resist the temptation.

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They Will Play The Hard Sell

Ever heard of the customer always being right? Well, that isn’t the case with car reps. They try and make you think that you are in the wrong so that you will lower your standards. To do that, they will stay strong and go no lower than a certain figure. It is a great tactic because they are notorious for slashing prices. As such, it makes you feel as if you have gone too far. In fact, you haven’t gone too far. They are testing your nerve to see if they can get a better deal. If you falter, they win. With that in mind, you should stay strong. Have a figure in your head and don’t go over that figure. That way, you won’t overspend. Even if they don’t budge, you can always go elsewhere.

They Will Start Higher And Drop Down

Starting higher and dropping down means they will give you a higher price than the car is worth. Then, when they start slashing the price, it seems as if they are doing you a deal. The best way to combat it is to check the standard price for the make and model at other dealerships. You are getting a good deal if the final price is lower.

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