New Fiat 500

Jenny from the Bronx and the Funny little Fiat

All car brands want to be popular or to be the subject of the word of the mouth; however, Fiat may wish that there may be limitations for such. The new Fiat 500 has been the talk of the town by the American public lately, but who would have thought that its prominence would be gained as it was coined as the “funny little car” the pop singer and actress Jennifer Lopez or JLo drives? Yes it is, the funny little car that Jenny is in when she went back to visit her outskirts, the Bronx.

New Fiat 500

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Fiat 500 Car

FIAT 500: Cars with Big Hearts

December 25, 2013 • Fiat • Views: 1987

It was in 2011 when Disney’s Pixar made a tribute to what was known to be one of the first city cars, the Fiat 500 and included this in the cast of Cars 2. Luigi, who was designed by the crew to look like a 1959 FIAT 500, has a big heart, loves to have …


Fiat Goes to India

December 25, 2013 • Fiat • Views: 1606

The renowned Italian automaker Fiat is gearing up to launch its brand in India next year. A company source said that this is a follow-up of Fiat’s expansion after Fiat broke up with its distribution alliance partner, Tata Motors early this year. The crossover and fully imported Jeep brand models

Fiat 500

“Fiat Likes U” Offers RCA Vehicle Design Students a Chance to Win An Internship in Turin

December 24, 2013 • Fiat • Views: 1494

World renowned Italian car maker Fiat announced its 2013 version of the educational project “Fiat Likes U” and car sharing scheme. The initiative offers students of vehicle design of the Royal College of Arts London (RCA) a chance to win an internship at the Fiat Centro Stile in Turin, Italy.

Fiat Abarth 500

Fiat Creates an Abarth Made out of Female Bodies

December 24, 2013 • Fiat • Views: 1632

Fiat, known for its trendy cars and even more groundbreaking advertising campaigns, collaborated with celebrated photographer and artist RJ Muna, The Richards Group, and other artists to capture the female form shaped as a Fiat Abarth Cabrio 500. This massive undertaking involved many days of

Fiat Abarth

Hollywood Bad Boy, Charlie Sheen Promotes Fiat Abarth

December 24, 2013 • Fiat • Views: 1290

The small, yet powerful Fiat 500 has a lot of attitude. And it sure can throw a punch, more so its sporty Abarth edition. This may be the reason why the Italian car manufacturer chose Hollywood Bad Boy, Charlie Sheen as the Abarth’s poster boy in order to generate a lot of attention. One

Fiat Bravo

Fiat Bravo – For the Small Car Enthusiasts

July 24, 2013 • Autos Reviews, Fiat • Views: 2039

Cars can be looked upon as a necessity or a luxury, depending upon the capita per person of the region. In U.S, it is mostly a necessity and a luxury for very few individuals. Therefore, the car manufacturers in U.S and dealers like Holt Fiat Hurst make it a point to include the efficient features