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GM Strategizing over Truck Sales

GM Strategizing over Truck Sales

GM has seen very respectable Chevrolet Silverado and Sierra sales so far, but they have still been bested by Ford in pickup truck sales. General Motors has sold 59,163 GMC Sierras and Chevy Silverados this year, but they needed around 4,600 more to beat Ford. This is not something they take lightly. Ford is their top rival, and their sales performance relative to the other legendary automaker gives them a direct barometer of the success of their marketing. In addition, as remaining 2013 models, sold with heft incentives, run out, General Motors needs a way to insure that its GMC Chevy Sierra and Silverado sales are where they should be, and that General Motors is at the top of its game as regards its pickup trucks.

GM Strategizing over Truck Sales

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2014 Silverado and Sierra Score Five Star for Safety by NHTSA

August 23, 2013 • Auto News, General Motors • Views: 1448

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