Honda Mobilio prototype

Honda Monili- the Latest MPV from the house of Honda

Honda Monili is the first endeavor of Honda Motors to try their luck in MPV category available at a reasonable price range. It has been launched in some parts of the world as Indonesia and it already ruling the charts there in terms being the car with the most sales figure. This car has been designed with extra care and is based on customer feedback and suggestions. This car has been specially designed keeping in mind the weather road conditions that the car would ride on.
Interiors & exteriors:

Honda Mobilio prototype

This car is known to have a spacious cabin that can accommodate as many as 7 people. The occupants can sit in three rows and has enough leg space to make the ride comfortable. The body of the car is quite compact of about 4.4 m in length that ensures that it can be easily parked as it would fit all standard parking lots. The interiors are made with the very best Italian leather fittings that give the car a blend of style along with lots of panache that adds a touch of car.

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