Chrysler Celebrity 1: John Lennon

The Chrysler Group LLC is a very prestigious company that produces commercial cars ever since the early 1900’s. In fact, it has gained a reputation for being a hegemon in the global automobile distribution. Its subsidiaries like Dodge and Jeep compete with major automakers in the same caliber with Ford and Toyota. With Chrysler Group’s reputation, it is only natural that they produce cars that big global celebrities would own. Among the most admired cult figures owning Chrysler’s trademark models is the iconic musician John Lennon.


The famous member and key composer of the band Beatles have owned a number of vehicles in his personal possession. However, the 1972 Chrysler Town and Country station wagon held a special place in his heart. Meet John Lennon, the man whose popularity is often eclipsed by his renowned idiosyncrasies. Now compare that to the new Town & Country minivan of today online at

Who is John Lennon (seriously)?

A huge percentage of people in the world who were still a peripheral member of the pre-2000 AD generation have a clear idea of who John Lennon is. He is one of the four members of the legendary British rock and roll band The Beatles. He is also their chief composer and, most unfortunately, the first member to pass away after an assassination attempt whose mystery almost equaled to that of John F. Kennedy’s. John Lennon was a beloved character in his time.

More than a musician, John Lennon was also a very outspoken human rights activist. He belonged into the liberal faction who promoted peace and radically challenged Vietnam War campaigns along with other unconventional youths and renegades. John Lennon’s transition from 1950’s college boy mop-head to bearded long-haired hippie was a remarkable manifestation of how the Western society begins to shift their general opinions and beliefs in the 1960’s. Most of John Lennon’s songs are a direct defiance against normally held beliefs in the 1950’s regarding politics, religion and morality. Songs like Imagine, War is Over, and Come Together are immortalized songs that many believed to be his death knells (since, contrary to official reports, many believed John Lennon was assassinated for political reasons).

John Lennon’s special connection with his station wagon

The Chrysler model that John Lennon owned was more than just a personal vehicle for him. He has a vested attachment to it. What is so interesting about this preference of his is that the close people around him do not share the same positive opinion about his 1972 Chrysler Town and Country station wagon. His personal assistant Fred Seaman convinced the wife Yoko Ono to replace it with a Mercedes 300. There is reason to believe that what motivated this decision has something to do with protecting John’s image. By conventional standards, the 1972 Chrysler Town and Country does not age well. As generation passes, more people find this car unappealing. In fact, this station wagon resembled a hearse. Its appearance underwent another generation of facelifts. The 1990’s version of the Chrysler Town and Country has gone a long way in its overall design.

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