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Honda City is in Waiting Period – Why is it Perfect Family Sedan Car?

Honda City was introduced in India in 1998. Since then it has developed a huge fan following because this car has lived up to its commitment, reliability and performance image. It is difficult to compete against this mid-level sedan segment car. In just one month the latest model of this car sold approximately seven thousand units and it has been one of the highest selling cars in the mid-sedan segment in India. The reason why this car’s waiting period is repeatedly increasing is because the production/manufacturing unit is shifting base from the Greater Noida region to Tapukara near Alwar in Rajasthan. The maximum waiting period after its launch has been roughly six months depending on the city in which one resides. Initially, Honda only used to manufacture petrol cars but now it has also introduced diesel variants. Since, then it has become all the more impossible to challenge Honda Car India for their dedication and efforts.

Why is Honda City – an ideal family sedan car is explained in this guest post and its salient features are highlighted:

Features and Appearance:

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The latest model of Honda City is a fourth generation car and the first one to be equipped with the diesel engine. The petrol as well as diesel versions of this car have enhanced safety and comfort features, deliver high mileage, and have loads of advanced and sophisticated equipment’s along with sporty and stylish design. This car has premium looks and features and has enhanced exterior looks as compared with the previous versions. It has the “Shark Conceptual Design” and it looks extremely appealing and pleasing to the eyes.  The most exclusive features in the latest model of this car are the premium headlights as well as the tail lamps. It also showcases an elite design of the latest and solid wing Face Chrome Grille featuring the “H” symbol in the center. This “H” represents Honda. The car’s frame is light in weight and has a sturdy, rigid body skeleton consisting of the new edge technology. The frame is constructed using high tensile steel. This model is very safe, comfortable and has a very good and balanced skeleton structure. This vehicle is classy, smooth, functional and highly stable. Given the conditions of the Indian roads, the latest Honda City is a perfect deal because it has improved ground contact performance and latest suspension sets that provide a smooth ride on an uneven surface. It has improvised its layout of the exhaust around the wheelbase center.

Interior Design and Layout:


The interior of the Honda city is very comfortable and relaxing. It is the interior design and features that make this car a very unique, elegant and a perfect value for money family car. The rear and the front cabins are spacious and magnificent.  The reason what makes this car very elegant and pleasing to travel is because of its philosophy, which is “Man maximum Machine minimum.” This encourages the concept of carrying more people in a comfortable manner because the machine parts are sleek and compact. The length of this car is 4440 mm and width is 1695 mm. It has a ground clearance of 165mm. The boot space is approximately five hundred liters, which is big enough to accommodate large luggage. The interiors are also equipped with the latest technology and gadgets such as auto touchscreen air-conditioners, start and stop engine switch using the smart key technology, rear parking sensors along with camera, sun-roof, multipurpose steering wheel, air-conditioner vent at the rear seats, hands free control, entry without the use of keys, Bluetooth ,USB/auxiliary port connection with CD/DVD connections , five inch LCD screen, sporty alloy wheels and sophisticated, advanced, latest music systems with eight speakers. The rear seat has adequate head and leg room and can very easily and comfortably accommodate three adults because of the longer wheelbase in the car.

Performance and Mileage:


This car delivers excellent mileage and high performance. It is available in a total of twelve variants out of which five are diesel and seven are petrol. The petrol version has a 1.5 liter SOCH, i-VTEC engine that delivers a power of 120 PS at 6600 rpm. It provides a torque of 145 Nm at 4600 rpm. The diesel version is equipped with 1.5 liter DOCH, i-DTEC engine that delivers a power of 100 PS at 3600 rpm. It also generates a torque of 200 Nm at 1750 rpm. The petrol engine is either enabled with a five speed manual or a continuous variable transmission mode. The diesel engine is only equipped with a six speed manual transmission. Both the petrol and the diesel variants are available in five grades such as E, S, V, SV and VX that are available in the manual transmission option. However, the higher version of the petrol variants i.e. SV and VX are equipped with the continuous variable transmission system. The petrol car delivers a mileage of 17.8 Kmpl and the diesel version has a fuel efficiency of 26 Kmpl.

Safety and Advanced Features:


Honda City is equipped with an Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) body structure that works as a protective shield for the passengers seated inside. It prevents and safeguards them from any serious accidents and collisions. Few other safety features are ABS with EBD, fog lights in the front, beeping reminder if the driver has forgotten to wear his seat belt, windshield defogger at the rear end, engine immobilizer, safety locks for children, airbags in the front for both the passenger and the driver, door locks equipped with speed sensing technology, pedestrian injury mitigation, side windows equipped with anti-pinch technology, headrest with impact mitigating feature.

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