Reviewed: The Incredible Nissan Qashqai

For the past three years, the Nissan Qashqai has been voted the best small SUV around! This is an incredible feat w+hen you consider what the vehicle is up against. Here, we run through all of the Nissan’s best features, and let you decide whether this awesome car deserves a spot on your driveway. Check it out


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So, how does it drive? Well, the Qashqai is now quieter, smoother and more elegant on the road than ever before. There are two petrol models and two diesel models. This is great because, with a range as flexible as this, you’re bound to find the right motoring style for you. At times the drive can be sluggish, particularly when climbing steep hills or overtaking. However, the vehicle makes little to no road noise, which enables a far more pleasant experience.  The running costs on the Qashqai are incredibly low, the diesel models are especially frugal. It is clear that the Japanese manufacturer has really thought about the economy of this vehicle when constructing the car. You won’t be paying much more than what it takes to run a Ford Focus – which is great! This car is so green that the 1.5l model actually doesn’t qualify for road tax. Now, that is incredible! It’s clear, therefore, that this car is going to be easy to maintain and run.

This car is incredibly safe, too. Euro NCAP, the continent’s official safety advisors, have given this vehicle a 5-star crash rating. This means that not only will you enjoy the drive in a Qashqai, but should the worst happen, you’re likely to come out of it largely unscathed. This is due to a number of technological advancements. One of these is a lane departure warning. So, should you find yourself veering out of your lane on the motorway, your Nissan will notify you. This is ensuring that you correct your error immediately. Furthermore, the emergency braking system on the car will do even more to keep you safe on the road. If you are too close to the car in front, then the Qashqai will automatically slow down your vehicle. Thus ensuring that you don’t crash and rear end another car. You can also opt in for a driver drowsiness detection system. This will alert the driver should the system detect that he or she is falling asleep at the wheel. This is very intuitive and will keep you super safe.


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The Qashqai is also very well designed. It is no overstatement to say that this car is gorgeous. A sophisticated, exterior design is at the centre of all Qashqai owners hearts. One of the reasons that you buy this car is for its insanely good looks. Amazing 19” alloy wheels add not only grip and stability, but also class and elegance to the overall design of the Qashqai. From top to bottom, this car really has a ‘wow’ factor about it. The eye-catching exterior is only matched by the indulgent interior, too. Inside the cabin, you will find awesome upholstery. Nissan have ditched the plastic of older models and gone for a more space-age look, centred around a dashboard screen. The zero-gravity inspired seats are tremendous, too. They soften at your pressure points. Thus ensuring that even on the longest journeys, you and your passengers receive the greatest possible amount of comfort. Leather stitching, and a functional and good-looking steer wheeling complete the look of the cockpit. There is now more space than ever inside the vehicle, making it even more suited for use as a family car. The boot has a high capacity too, ensuring that there is always going to be enough space for the weekly shop inside your trunk. There’s also a panoramic sunroof at the top of the cabin allowing floods of daylight to enter your space and lighten up the mood of your car. It adds a sense of increased spaciousness, and also looks divine.

Technological innovations are where this Nissan really shines, too. Much of the feedback from owners of previous Qashqai models was that they really wanted to have more tech available at their fingertips. Nissan certainly delivers here. In the dashboard there is a push to start button, allowing you to control various aspects of your vehicle as soon as you sit down on the driver’s seat. There are buttons across the steering wheel that enable you to toggle things such as music volume, speed limiter and climate control. This is really neat and handy as there is a lot of control accessible to you while driving. The Qashqai also comes with an intuitive automatic headlights system. Thus ensuring that you never forget to turn on your lights when the sky starts getting dark. Never again will you be flashed by an angry driver giving you a stern reminder to have them on! Similarly, when the rain starts to fall heavily, the Nissan’s windscreen wipers will automatically kick in. This is really handy, as it’s one less thing to have to think about and meddle with while at the wheel. Away from the dashboard, active trace control allows the driver to glide around the corners of windy roads with ease. The car traces the pattern of the road and adjusts your drive to make cornering effortless. This is great if your commute entails a lot of windy roads each morning. Ultimately, the technological innovations in this Qashqai ensure that you have one less thing to think about. This is so that you can concentrate on your enjoyable Nissan driving experience. To find out more about all of these innovations, then you should seek more information from GMT West or similar car dealerships. GMT West, for example, sell used Nissan cars. They are also specialists at providing excellent customer service. Plus, they have advanced knowledge of these sorts of vehicles.

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Ultimately, the Nissan Qashqai is definitely worth a spot on your driveway. This sultry SUV looks gorgeous and will certainly give off that ‘wow’ factor that a new car should. It’s incredibly safe, practical and spacious, too. So, what are you waiting for? It’s got our blessing, so why not pick one up, today?

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