Peace of Mind for Motorists as you Grow Older

Growing old isn’t something that many of us relish. When we’re in our teens and twenties, being 40 seems ancient and being 50 seems ridiculous. But time catches up on us all and before we know it, we’re celebrating another decade. Of course, we realise as we get older that it’s not really as bad as it seemed back then these days, many people in their 50s are fit, well and enjoying life to the full. In fact, it can be a very liberating time of life, when children are becoming more independent, you have more financial freedom and you have life experience behind you to give you more confidence in your decisions.

There are some changes you do have to make as you get older, some being for the better and some not so good. But your finances can often benefit from your advancing years and it is worth doing some research to find out if there are any areas in which you could be making savings. Speaking to an independent financial adviser is always a good idea; they can assess your entire financial portfolio and advise you of the best place for your assets. You may also be able to save money in other areas, such as your car insurance.

Compare and Contrast

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With (potentially) years of experience behind you and hopefully a good bank of no claims discounts, you are in a good position to see a reduction in your premiums. There is a new Gender Directive in place, which prevents insurance companies from giving lower premiums to women. Unfortunately, in some cases this means women are seeing their car insurance rising (rather than the more hopeful option that men’s car insurance is lower). However, it is worth doing some digging and making some comparisons to see what’s out there.

Selecting the Right Provider

Car insurance is one of the things in life that a driver simply can’t do without. It is vitally important and the chances are you may have had to call upon it at some point already in your life. Of course, your premium depends upon lots of circumstances as well as your age, such as the size and model of car you drive and the security measures you have in place for protecting your vehicle. There are some dedicated organizations out there that offer a rich set of info on their products and the marketplace. For example, Age UK car insurance is designed for the over 50s and would be a reliable reference for comparing deals in the market. The Guardian has also highlighted how, as we grow older, we could be making some real savings.

There are a few other things you can do to drive your costs down. If you pay your insurance premium all in one go, rather than in instalments, you will usually pay less. You can also adjust your voluntary excess; by raising it, you will reduce your premium, but make sure that you can afford to pay the excess if necessary. You can also make sure you keep your vehicle in a secure place overnight and fit your car with insurer-approved security devices.

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