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Review: Is the SEAT Leon Worth A Spot On Your Driveway?

Are you in the market for a small hatchback? If so, there is now an exciting alternative to simply choosing a Corsa. It’s the SEAT Leon. We’ve given it the run down, and now this post is here to give you the lowdown on our thoughts and opinions. Ultimately, it’s up to you decide whether it’s worth a spot on your driveway! Check it out.

We’re looking at the five-door model, which means there’s a ton of space in the front, back and the 380-litre boot of the vehicle. Whether you’re picking up the Leon new or used, you should check out Currie Motors for their best deals if this article entices you to switch to SEAT. Immediately we were impressed by the Leon’s shape, style and cost but let’s not give away too many spoilers – read on!

Firstly, let’s talk build quality. This is a great looking car, there’s no doubt about it. Its elegance and style are uncommon when looking for a compact family vehicle. There are benefits to its relatively small form factor, too. Parking is a breeze. Especially considering that the Leon comes with Park Assist technology to help you squeeze in and out of that tight multi-story spot. We know how difficult parking can be, so not matter what sort of space you’re attempting to slot into, the SEAT has you covered. Ultimately, this thing is going to keep you safe, too. It’s got a five-star European safety rating! Plus, it’s got a tiredness recognition system, which is incredible. You know those signs on the motorway that tell you to rest after so many hours of driving? Now your SEAT can do it for you. It also boasts plenty of airbags and special child seat fittings to keep your family secure in the back. That’s one less thing to worry about. It even monitors your tire pressure, letting you know if you’ve got slightly uneven wheels or even a puncture before the damage is done. That way, you’ll know when to hit up a petrol station and get those tyres back to their correct capacity. Plus, if that wasn’t enough, it has special cameras that ensure you stay inside of your lane on the motorway – awesome.

Performance is where this motor really shines. With a top speed of 121mph and an acceleration time of just 10.5 seconds from 0-62mph, the Leon is certainly nippy! This makes it great for driving around town, doing little drop-offs and pick-ups. It will ensure that you can get all of your daily duties done easily. SEAT calls it a ‘gutsy, graceful, gorgeous’ machine, and we agree. It really flies down a dual carriageway thanks to its streamlined look. The outer shell is simply built and designed to perform. It’s slender contours make it very different from your average hatchback like the Corsa. It’s a pretty sporty car, no less. You’d expect a great top speed, and the Leon delivers thanks to its superb alloy wheels. Now Dad can still get a sporty motor that’s big enough to fit his whole family in the back! Nice one.

The finer details of this car certainly haven’t been overlooked either. The seats in this SEAT are divine. Each one features comfy, yet stiff cushioning for supporting your entire body at the wheel. SEAT recognise that comfort is key when travelling, and this is evident here. The entire interior looks incredible, too. There are LED lights that illuminate your cabin dependant on the driving profile you have selected – of which there are many. Even the detailing of the stitching on the steering wheel is second to none. In terms of the exterior, there are more awesome LED lights on the wing mirrors. This adds a bit of panache to your driving experience, especially in the dark! Furthermore, there is a handy headlight washing system, ensuring that your path will always be well lit when on the road. There is also an electric sunroof. So, you can feel free to take in that extra bit of light into the cabin, or have that extra bit of fresh air on a stuffy, humid, long drive. All of these neat little innovations give the SEAT Leon that something extra when compared to the competition.

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When it comes to the technological features, SEAT delivers once again. The Leon is big on connectivity. You can opt to use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto when driving to extend your mobile phone experience to the dashboard of your car. Everything that is possible on your iPhone or Android device can be achieved through SEAT’s intuitive touchscreen interface. You can receive and make phone calls, play your music and use the respective platform’s navigation services. That’s not all, though, the car has a full DAB digital radio and Bluetooth for all your media needs. Another pretty cool bit of kit is the automatic rain sensing wipers, which activate upon sensing water on your windscreen. How neat is that? There are automatic headlights, too. So, when it begins getting dark, you car will know before you when it comes to switching your lights on. You’ll never be caught out in the dark again! Speaking of the headlights, they’re LEDs. Notably, SEAT claims they’ll last the car’s lifetime – so that’s one less thing to worry about having to change. We believe them too, LED lights are far more energy efficient than their halogen equivalents. They’re much brighter too, giving a powerful beam of light that’s almost as clear as the day. There is also an incredible SEAT sound system under the hood, too. Your favourite tunes will sound amazing, which is handy, especially on those long drives. We love it. The infotainment solutions in this car are unbeatable.

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So, how much did we enjoy this car? Well, a lot actually. Many reviewers have commented on its excellent handling and strong engine, which is something we can agree with. Furthermore, many consumers have noted how easy to use the dashboard elements of the car are. This is certainly true. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are both seamless and worked well when connected to our devices. Did we mention what great value for money this thing is too? At around £17,000 you get a decent bang for your buck, here. It’s important to get the version right when buying, though, don’t go in too low, and similarly don’t go in too hard through fear of getting ripped off. If you’re buying a used SEAT model, then be sure to double check that it is exactly what you want. There is a bargain out there for you to have! Ultimately, this is a very practical, rather sporty and family-orientated car. It will keep the kids safe, the wife entertained and Dad happy driving his stylish and sporty new motor. We definitely recommend picking one up. It’s a better car than the Vauxhall Corsa as we have mentioned, and it’s definitely more affordable in comparison to a Volkswagen Golf. We recommend opting for the diesel model rather than the petrol, simply to keep things cheap. However, the fuel efficiency on this little ride is second to none. We were joyfully impressed.
If you’re planning on picking up a SEAT Leon in the near future, then let us know in the comments below. It’s an excellent vehicle, one that deserves its praise in what is a competitive marketplace. Ultimately, it’s going to be very worthy of that spot on your driveway should you go for it.

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