Sedans or Hatchbacks: What You should go for and Why

There were an estimated 72.37 million cars sold in 2015, according to a report by statista and most of them were sedans and hatchbacks. Being the most popular body styles, it’s difficult to decide between the two. Budget constraints aside, it’s a dilemma almost everyone faces when they decide to purchase a new car. Before we can get into which of the two options is better suited to your needs, we must first define both and then compare their pros and cons in comparison to each other.


A sedan typically has 4 doors, and a gradually sloping roof that is directly connected to the trunk. The trunk itself hinges on a point below the roof, and closes over the storage space for privacy.


A hatchback is generally smaller than a sedan, may have 3 doors or 5, and doesn’t have a sloping roof extending to the trunk. Instead, the rear of the car features a full width-door that is hinged directly at the top, allowing huge amounts of storage space.

Pros and cons of a sedan


  • Sedans are generally stronger and more powerful than their hatchback counterparts, allowing for a smoother ride at higher speeds
  • The enclosed trunk allows for privacy of stored goods
  • The longer design allows for more cabin space, which in turn allows increased leg space for those sitting at the back
  • Sedans are mostly seen as a sign of class and status and are well suited for executives
  • The large design dampens out noises more efficiently, leading to a quieter ride


  • More expensive than their hatchback versions
  • Lower resale value
  • Generally have a lower fuel economy for the same retail price
  • Harder to maneuver in tight spaces

Pros and cons of a hatchback


  • Hatchbacks offer much better resale value. After 3 years of usage, hatchbacks will generally sell for 56% of their original price, as compared to 40% for the larger Sedans, according to industry expert CarsGuide.
  • Due to their design, hatchbacks offer superior storage space. Take the Mazda3 for example. Mazda released both sedan and hatchback versions in their latest offering. Astonishingly, the latter offers roughly 60% more storage compared to the larger model.
  • To add to that, the rear seats can be folded down in most hatchbacks, allowing for yet more storage space.
  • The smaller size allows hatchbacks to have a better fuel economy.
  • Better maneuverability in tight spaces
  • Generally cheaper than their sedan counterpart
  • Spare parts for hatchbacks are easier to come by and cheaper for most models. (compare the prices at


  • Lack of privacy at the back for the storage space
  • The smaller design may compromise cabin space, leading to less leg room at the back
  • Hatchbacks generally aren’t as powerful as sedans

Ebay did a more comprehensive comparison, which directly compared cars from different manufacturers on the basis of their dimensions, cargo space, and fuel economy.

Finding the right fit for you

In the end the choice usually comes down to two major factors:

  1. Personal preference
  2. Budget

You may want to opt for a sedan for its comfort and ruggedness, but find yourself on a strict budget, where you can only afford a hatchback.  Another concern for many is running costs. Fuel aside, car owners’ expenses comprise of repairs and maintenance and, left unchecked, a faulty car can end up costing a lot yearly in constant fixes.

This is a problem especially for those who live in remote areas of the world, where mechanics are hard to come by. Most repairs can easily be carried out at home with a little online research on channels like Autodoc online workshop. The car industry is progressing at an exponential rate, and with new models seemingly coming out yearly, one thing is for sure, you’ll always find one thing or the other to fit your needs.

Which body type do you prefer when looking to buy a new car? Any other details you feel are important to the debate? Let us know in the comments below.

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