BMW  7 Series

The BMW Buying Experience

I went into a BMW dealership (BMW of Rockville MD) with a friend who was looking for a new car and the first thing he said when we walked in was, “They look so Teutonic.” Yes, they do! They are conceived and designed by Germans. Teutonic to my friend meant that the cars looked like they should look: built for speed, durability, comfort and thoroughly and carefully thought out to provide the ultimate driving experience. It was the perfect combination: the BMW and my friend, who was more critical than a movie reviewer and more meticulous than a mathematician. He was also looking for something sporty to fit that part of his personality.

BMW  7 Series

The 7 Series, which he ended up buying, fit him to a tee. It responded to his commands like a thoroughbred and was five times as fast. My friend’s coffee never spilled once when it sat in the built in cup holders, no matter how many times he speeded or made tight turns. Everything in that car was perfect – as my friend insisted it should be.

The BMW made my friend happier. He treated people nicer and he smiled more after he bought that car. It gave him a new self-image that seemed to be what he had been looking for all of his life. The BMW completed him. He wouldn’t talk about it very much but when people saw him get into it and drive away, they nodded their heads as if to say, “Of course, he got a BMW, what else would he buy?” And they were right. From that day on he always drove a Beamer. It was just the right car for him. No one could picture him in a Cadillac or a Ford or any other car. For him it was always going to be a BMW.

Six cars later, (yes, we’re still friends), he is still driving a Beamer. He’s gone through several different models, although he did go through three 7 Series because those seemed to complement all facets of his persona the best. He now drives the M5 Sedan and he has fallen in love with that one. Just like his first BMW, he rarely talks about it but lets it do the talking for itself. Whether it’s a business meeting or just taking friends out for lunch, he lets them feel the power of his BMW in their own comfortable seats. Teutonic? Yes, of course it is. It has German know-how and expertise written all over it.

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Published on: July 24, 2013

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