Nissan remporte le premier prix lors du CEATEC Japon 2013 pour l

The Grand Prix Innovation Award won by Nissan’s Autonomous Driving Technology

Nissan is working hard on its “Autonomous Driving Technology” project and is trying to get the media’s attention. In fact, it is an interesting project for which the Nissan won the Grand Prix in the CEATEC Innovation award at CEATEC Japan show 2013. Nissan is very happy for the achievement and so they explained that the award is a recognition and honor for the Japanese brand among the best technologies, services and products exhibited at the show. The Jury of the 2013 Japan CEATEC show was a panel of experienced and skilled independent US journalists who have been spend lots of years in the field of IT and consumer electronics.

All the exhibits of the show were categorized in a range of classes to determine the potential impacts and effects of each exhibit on the US market, customer needs and satisfactions, innovation, functionality and safety. This year for the first time the award is won by an automaker and for the first time the brand is Nissan. Moreover, the autonomous driving technology won the smart mobility special award category. While presenting the award, the Journalists panel gave the following citation for the Nissan: “Nissan’s Autonomous Drive technology will greatly benefit future society by reducing traffic accidents and fatalities, preventing traffic congestion and contributing to a reduction in environmental issues through improved fuel economy.”

Nissan explained, the autonomous driving technology is the extension of the Nissan’s Safety Shield that is capable to monitor a 360-degree view around the vehicle to detect possible risks.

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Published on: October 12, 2013

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