The Mini Cooper: A 2015 Review

The Mini Cooper has long been a popular car. When they burst onto the scene over a decade ago, the Mini was reinvented forever. Previous Mini’s had been akin to small bone shakers. They were not decadent, even if they were thoroughly enjoyable to drive. The launch of the Mini Cooper saw the brand go from strength to strength. Everyone wanted to get their hands on one. The news is in, small cars are back!

Now, in 2015, Mini is set to launch a new Cooper for the year. But, is it all it’s cracked up to be? Has the Mini Cooper had its day?

Let’s find out.

Take a Look at the Inside: Interiors

The Mini Cooper has been known for its space-age dash. The large and imposing dashboard has become synonymous with Mini Coopers. Not much has changed in this department for 2015. But, the interiors themselves are looking good. Leather options and classic styling is what make the Mini Cooper fun. The speedometer is now more central, and the overall quality of the car’s interior fabrics has improved. It’s still a spacious car in the front and is neatly designed.

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Check Out the Bodywork

Now, the bodywork of the new Mini is what really sets it apart. It’s funky, new and definitely in tune with the 2015 market. The vents and spoilers give it an amazing sporty edge. But more importantly, the turbocharger and grille are perfect for those who have a need for speed. The driving experience is heightened by the use of the bodywork. All of the bodywork has been added to give the Mini a better driving experience. After all, a spoiler is essential for airflow!


The guys at Cooper Mini have said that there is a massive demand for the car due to the new specs of the 2015 version. The 1.5 litre engine has an engine intercooler turbo premium unleaded engine. It’s a must for those that love the practical nature of the car. Mileage wise, you are looking at 29 MPG.

That doesn’t make it the most eco-friendly of cars, but seeing as the car has got bigger, you can understand why. Let’s face it; the Mini Cooper is a fun and funky BMW. So, you’re not going to have fuel efficient at the core of the vehicle. The six-speed manual transmission is standard practice. But, that doesn’t make it any less fun. While the car is said to be a sensible, older brother version of the Mini Cooper, it makes for a great drive. It’s practical, fun and less noisy than before.

Anything to Look Out For?

The tiny boot has long been a bugbear of those who love Mini Coopers. What’s more, the four-door version is still only a two person vehicle. If you love Minis, this should not put you off. It’s not known for being the most spacious of models. But, it’s a great car to have. Good looking and fun, what’s not to love?

In short, the 2015 Mini Cooper is the perfect car to have. It’s been updated to fit the needs of the 2015 market and it is still stunning to look at, it’s going to be a firm favourite with many.

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