Top 15 Car Apps for Drivers – iOS apps

The technological advancements of the last few decades have surely changed the lifestyles in all parts of the world, with people looking for easier and comfortable means of living. Smartphones have turned out to be a huge success in most countries and one of the major reasons behind their popularity is the massive range of different applications that are available for iPhones, BlackBerries, Windows Phones and Androids. There are various car apps which make driving extremely convenient as they inform a user about different dimensions of motoring. Apart from translating foreign text, these apps also help us in parking and navigation. If you are on a highway or driving in different cities, some apps can let you know about the nearest petrol pumps or service stations. However, your requirements decide which app is suitable for you. To make things easy, I have rounded up 15 best car apps for iOS users.

1)  Craftsman Garage Door Opener

Most people want to have a remote control garage door opener if they owns a garage. You have to be very close to your garage to open the door with most openers however, this application can allow you to open the door of your garage from anywhere you have iPhone signals. The app will let you know if the door is open or closed and you can shut it down from anywhere if you have left it open for one reason or the other. This app can also come to benefit you, if any of your trusted people want to get into the garage and you are away. The would-be robbers cannot copy the remote function of this app and open the door for themselves due to the special anti-burglary coding. It will cost you more than $200 as you need to install the Craftsman AssureLink Internet Connected DC Chain Drive Garage Door Opener with the door of your garage.

2)  Word Lens – Free

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This is just the perfect app if you are planning a trip to a country where you would not be able to speak the native language. With this app, you can just point the camera of your iPhone at a text and the app will translate that for you, which makes it extremely handy in emergency situations. The best part about this iPhone app is that it is free however, you may have to pay for certain foreign languages. It is highly recommended that you thoroughly research about the app as well as the country you are going to travel before heading off. The good news is that this app is available on iPad as well.

3)  Porsche Good to Know – Free

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You got to have this app (an informative guide) if you own a Porsche or you plan to have one in the near future. Porsche is one of the finest brands when it comes to cars and appropriate information about all models of the company’s range is available in this wonderful guide. In other words, you can say that it is a mobile phone version of the handbook, but it is much better and comprehensive due to thorough instructions and video clips, which allow you to understand each and everything about your desired model. This app is totally free and is extremely important because of the latest technologies being used by Porsche, which can become a little hard to understand for some users initially.

4)  AA Roadwatch Pro – £1.99 yearly subscription

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If you hate traffic jams, this is an ideal app for you as it will allow you to see the jammed roads on a map of United Kingdom, through the data provided by TomTom, a sat-nav maker. In order to know if there is any traffic jam in your area or not, you also have the option to enter your postal code. Taking into account  the frequent traffic jams we witness these days, the yearly subscription of £1.99 is nothing compared to the headache and time it can save you. On top of that, this app is absolutely free for the first week. In order to know if there are any hurdles in your passage from home to work, you can also set alerts, which can help you to re-devise your routes.

5)  iGasUp – $2.99

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You can have all the information about the locations of nearby gas stations and the gas prices through this app, at a very reasonable one-time cost of $2.99. Based on the current location of your iPhone, the app will let you know about the 10 closest gas stations. The information is gathered from Oil Price Information Service (OPIS). This brilliant app for the US iPhone users has a database of 110,000 gas filling stations in different parts of the country. The information about the nearby gas stations can be sorted by closest or cheapest, so it can also help you save a few bucks in every filling. The time stamp on the app will let you know about the freshness of the price, because gas and oil prices do change rapidly. The interactive map found in the iPhone can help you reach the gas station without any headache.

6)  AA Parking – £1.99

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The AA is known for creating some of the best car apps. This app assists you to find parking spaces and save some precious time. Nearby car parks, the number of spaces and the prices are shown on a very consumer-friendly display. One drawback of this app is that it does not show the empty spaces in a parking arena. As per the kind of car parking, you have the facility to filter the results too. The AA Parking app uses CCTV cameras and parking cards to gather information.

7)  RoadPilot Mobile – £2.99 monthly or £14.99 yearly subscription

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All of us often come across a situation where we do not know where the speed cameras are, and end up getting caught and fined for over-speeding. If you like to drive fast, this app is made for you, as it has the ability to locate speed cameras and alerts you beforehand. On top of that, the app lets you know about your current speed as well as the speed limit on that particular road. Another massive advantage of this RoadPilot Mobile is that it warns you about the upcoming dangerous parts of a road which are accident black spots.

8)  RoadPal – Free

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A slight bit of carelessness may lead you to a big trouble when it comes to fueling your car. This app will come for your rescue if you are running a dangerously low fuel tank and are not able to locate a petrol station. RoadPal is completely free and can help you a great deal in finding nearby restaurants, shopping malls, hotels and lots of other things which you need to know about on the road. If you are a passenger, this app can be of a great use, as it will let you know about the price of the fuel in that area and takes you towards the nearest petrol station through display directions on a map.

9)  OS MapFinder – Free (in-app costs)

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Most car apps offer just road maps; however, this iPhone app by Ordinance Survey possesses the complete map of United Kingdom. If you have downloaded the app in advance, you do not even need phone signals. The application is free but there are a few in-app costs. For a 10 square kilometer in 1:50,000 scale, the app charges 69 p. If you use 1:25,000 scale, you will be paying £1.99. If you have this app in your iPhone, it simply means that you have a complete UK map with you. On top of that, it can assist you in searching for postal codes and planning a route.

10)  Auto Express iPad edition – £1.99 per issue

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A British motor company, Auto Express has developed an app for iPad users, which will provide you with each edition of the country’s most selling weekly car magazine. The app includes videos, pictures, news and a number of other features. It also possesses road tests and reviews from car experts, which surely enhance your knowledge and understanding about the latest or upcoming cars. If you wish to, you may subscribe for the first six editions of the magazine for just £1 and after that you will have to pay £22.99 for every 13 editions. Other than that, you may also opt for a payment method of £1.99 per issue of the magazine. It needs to be remembered that this app is limited to iPad and is not available on iPhone.

11)  Trapster

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Using this app, you can scan your area for any sort of police hang outs, speed traps, speed cameras or the stop-light cameras. Using your iPhone’s Wi-Fi location capabilities, Trapster shows your location on the map. The upcoming speed traps will pop up as you are on the go, allowing you to avoid the heavy fines and the headache. By going into the settings of this app, you can also set voice alerts, if you do not want to constantly look at your phone while driving. The warnings given in this app are quite accurate, which is the reason why it has received a very good feedback from many users worldwide.

12)  Dynolicious – $12.99

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In just $12.99, you can have a drag strip timing mechanism and a dynamometer in your hand. Using Dynolicious, you can conveniently measure lateral g-forces, quarter-mile elapsed times and trap speeds, 0 to 60 miles per hour times and speeds, horsepower and braking g-forces as well. For accurate calculation of each parameter, this application uses the three-axis accelerometers, which are built in the iPhone. The accelerometers in the iPhone catch the vehicle’s movements and gives the required information. This app is available on iPhone, iPhone 3G, the 3Gs, iPhone 4, 4S and also on iPod Touch. Dynolicious has had a very good rating at the Apple App Store in recent times. This app is just perfect for you, if you love speed and are always concerned about it. In order to increase the accuracy of this app, you can make specific modifications by editing the vehicle settings.

13)  TomTom USA and Canada – $59.99 plus a $20 per year subscription

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TomTom USA and Canada is one of the most expensive apps, but it is definitely worth it, as it will give you real-time traffic updates better than most other apps of this kind. To give you accurate information, the app will turn the GPS built in your iPhone into a Tom Tom GPS. Once you get it installed on your iPhone, you will have all what a great GPS can offer you. However, bear in mind that this application will consume a lot of memory of your iPhone.

14)  CoPilot Live Premium UK & Ireland – £19.99

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According to many experts, this is one of the best sat-nav app you can opt for in your smart phone. It helps you immensely while you are driving and alerts you immediately if you are not running on the correct routes. CoPilot will make it extremely convenient for you to find different shopping malls or other places in a town. On top of that, this app can also assist you in finding addresses and postal codes without wasting any time with the help of a very easy to use display. The price may appear to be an issue for some, but it is nothing if you compare it to what you are getting.

15)  Official Highway Code – £3.99

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All the information that is available in the book can be found in the Official Highway Code. The app includes a few videos, progress tracker and some tests at the end of each section, which can definitely help you a great deal in familiarizing with the laws on highways. A stopping distance calculator is also included in this app. If you are new to any country or have just started learning driving, this app is a must-have for you. In the long run, this app can surely help you in avoiding fines or serious accidents, which occur due to the violation of highway codes.

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