Top Reasons Why a Dodge Avenger is a Wise Pick

If you are currently looking for a car for your teenage son, Dodge Avenger can be a wise pick. It is a sedan that is mid-size and it is competing with the other sedan cars of car brands like Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, etc. Not only young people will love this car, but parents will love it. Here are few reasons why Avenger is a wise pick despite the long list of car companies out in the auto industry now.

Reasons why A Dodge Avenger is a Wise Pick

Good Design

These days, there are only a few young people who are driving as their parents stop them. It is because they are alarmed with rising number of crash events and road accidents where teenage girls and boys are involved. However, the remaining few love to have cars with good designs so Avenger can be perfect for them.


Team Dodge never fails to improve how Avenger looks and this move is towards the goal of becoming competitive in the industry. Avenger replaced the Stratus sedan when it was launched in 2008. Changes were made on its interior design and not only that, it is using a more powerful V-6 engine and it took place in 2010. Though there were issues on the styling of Avenger, it still managed to compete well with its rivals.

Good Performance of Dodge Avenger

Young people love fast cars and this has already been proven. They always love to speed up. If you think that your teenage son is responsible enough to handle his car rightly on the road, so you can always give him this Avenger. As mentioned above and in the review by Reedman Toll Dodge, the car is using the V-6 engine that is paired with an automatic transmission. Its engine can make young drivers have a smooth ride and give them balance on the road. Surely, teenage people will love to drive this Avenger and will be proud of it. However, do not forget to remind your son to be careful when driving.

Good Features and Accessories

It is important to know the features of Avenger for you to know if you are making a wise move. Team Dodge makes Avenger maintain its good look and even make it bolder by adding good features that are functional. Some of the features of Avenger include those for safety. It now comes with headlamps that are dark tinted, body color grille, etc. The addition of these features is one of only a few improvements made on Avenger on its current version. Its 2014 version will be released soon and it will be bolder than 2013. It will have features similar to Fiat’s and it will be using stronger engines.

Looking for a car for your teenage son will not be a headache to you now. Avenger is indeed a good pick because of its good look or style, performance, and features and accessories built on it. It can sure give him a satisfying and good ride quality. However, just do not forget to remind your son to be careful always while on the road.

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