Understanding Mazda SKYACTIV Technology

The Mazda SKYACTIV technology is a new buzzword to hit the auto world of late.  This is because the technology is being introduced in the market with the latest offering from Mazda- the Mazda CX-5 Compact SUV. SKYACTIV is a long-term strategy aimed to develop energy-efficient cars in the years to come. The company is already facing competition from other major automakers including BlueMotion technology of Volkswagen and Efficient Dynamics technology of BMW.

What is SKYACTIV technology?

It is collaborative term used for different components coupled to work together in an efficient manner. The major components of this technology include improved transmission and engines; renovated and sleeker external designs to reduce air resistance along with better aerodynamics; and improve fuel efficiency with light structural components. This is only a wide definition of the concept.

SKYACTIV technology vs EcoBoost technology

SKYACTIV technology stands tall against all the other eco alternatives including EcoBoost technology by Ford and Efficient Dynamics by BMW. There is a series of changes observed in these vehicles including aerodynamic design changes, use of high-tensile steel for light vehicles, and efficient fuel transmissions.

We spoke to our local Mazda showroom, the Sport Durst dealership in Durham, to find out the details about SKYACTIV. According to them this technology is not only concerned about the fuel economy, but the safety it offers to the users. Some important parts of this technology are:

  • Turbocharged diesel/petrol engines
  • Light chassis design
  • Efficient manual and automatic transmissions

One of the major challenges in front of the company is to promote the SKY ACTIV technology and create awareness among consumers. The company is trying to pump the better MPG factor and fuel economy considering the fuel crisis and ever increasing cost of fuel. The company has released a series of campaigns and brand awareness elements for promoting this sub-brand. The company plans to make SkyActiv a major element in all of its digital and  online marketing campaigns. Mazda is promoting SkyActiv by demonstrating its benefits against hybrid and EV technologies on the road.

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