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Your Graduation, Corporate Awards Ceremony or Wedding: Five Ways to Arrive in Style

Renting a luxury car for events isn’t at all a new trend – but the average renter’s taste is changing.

At school proms and graduations, students try and out-do each other by turning up in increasingly extravagant transport, or subvert the norm and hire something bizarre such as a decommissioned fire engine or a VW camper. Newlyweds are exchanging the Rolls Royce forthe DB9, the Gallardo, the R8. Perhaps somewhere a middle manager is turning up to a corporate awards ceremony in a rented tux and a rented Jaguar XKRS. Here are five ways for you to arrive in style.

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1)  The Classic

The throwback is currently in full swing, and vintage cars are more popular than ever. Certain cars such as the Nissan Figaro and the P.T. Cruiser are designed to hark back to the curvy designs of the 50s and 60s. Cadillacs are particularly popular, and the Chevvy Corvette model from the early 1960s. Certain rental companies have Rolls Royce Phantom models from as far back as 1927 available.

2)  The Exotic

Incredible, exotic cars such as the Bugatti Veyron are modern masterpieces. Arriving in a supercar is less of a statement and more of a belief. You are on board one of the fastest, most powerful things on Earth. The Supercar experience is like no other, and must be experiencedfirsthandto be understood.

3)  The Pop Culture Reference

Some businesses make their living renting replica movie vehicles out to small productions, events, workshops. They don’t even have to be driven to be put to good use. Del and Rodney’s van makes an obvious statement at a sales conference, as does the A-T team van to a management team. These types of businesses often rent out iconic cars too, such as the New York City yellow cab.

4)  The Intimidating

Decommissioned army and public service vehicles – can you imagine seeing a 1942 Bedford coming towards as you wait for your date to arrive and pick you up? Feeling disconcerted, alarmed and anxious are quiet afterthoughts to riding in a piece of history.

5)  The Bus

That leaves us with twist on the classic. Popular with student communities and 18-30 age group, a party bus is essentially a livelier version of the limousine experience. Expect to be dropped off at your graduation dazed and confused.

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